Like most artists, Molly Taylor puts her heart and soul into the jewelry she makes, but what makes her product unique is that she uses her own hand carved wood.

Taylor's company, Beneath the Bark, was established in 2014, and like the trees she uses, her business has been growing ever since.

Taylor is an entirely self-taught woodworker, and all of her materials are locally sourced. She gets most of her wood from piles that other woodworkers have gathered from trees in the area.

"We have sinker cypress pulled from Maurepaus,” Taylor said.

Taylor treats her craft as a form of self-expression and designs her pieces with boldness and confidence in mind.

“I’m all about the everyday chic, fearless girl. That's who i’m designing for: someone who’s gonna wear the big earrings and chunky bracelets and be super confident."

In past five years, Taylor has taken her business to the next level. She began working full-time this past January.

“It’s been crazy being able to be in here all the time. It’s like a full-on business now.”

She attributes her success to staying true to herself and her brand.

“I’ve grown so much as a person. My business has grown, just so many things have happened.”

So far, Taylor's hard work is paying off. She earned herself a chance to showcase her work on the runway during New York Fashion Week this September.

“They reached out to me, and they invited me to the fashion week. I fell to the ground.”

Within the next five years, Taylor hopes to expand her brand even more and see beneath the bark grow to its full potential.

“I would love to have more people by my side working with me. I would love to see my business grow to a point where its grown out of this wonderful, little shop that i love so much.”

Being a true artist at heart, Taylor takes great pride in her work. One of her favorite aspects of her jewelry is that every piece is different.

"That’s what I do love about this jewelry. It's that it is all one-of-a-kind, you know?”

And like her jewelry, Taylor is definitely one-of-a-kind.