A leaky ceiling in the Renewable Natural Resources building has some students considering wearing their rain gear inside. 

Rainy days at LSU means only one thing for students. Umbrellas and rain boots.   

Even a light rain can cause major issues for the RNR building.

When the faulty sees rain in the forecast they rush to ready the hallway with buckets to catch the water from the leaky ceiling.

Sometimes the buckets aren’t enough and leave the floor wet, take it from senior RNR major Dakota Mengel.

“Cause our building has a lot of problems. There’s leaks in the roof and we have a lot of mold growing," Mengel said. "So when it rains a lot of water ends up failing down and it makes the floor slippery and really a hazard."
"It’s just an unfortunate circumstance that we have to deal with just trying to go to class or just do everyday work in the building," Mengel said.

The leak has been there for nearly a year and they hope a resolution will be included in LSU's renovation plans.