The 2022 Midterm election results are finishing up, John Kennedy has been reelected as senator.

Last night's Louisiana senator election results have been called.

Incumbent Sen. John Kennedy has been reelected for another six year term. He received a little more than 850,000 votes, 61.6 percent of the total votes. The democratic candidate, Gary Chambers received about 246,600 votes, 17.8 percent respectively.

"I'm very content with the Louisiana election results, Savannah Harrison, a LSU student said. "They went as everyone thought they would."

While some residents were happy with the election result, others had hoped for an alternative ending. 

"As a Louisiana resident I am disappointed with the outcome of the election," Sydney Hubbard, a SU student said. "I would like someone serving in the senate who reflects my values as a young American. However, I am hopeful for the future of my state and my country."

Geaux Vote hosted a watch party on election night at the LSU Library for students to have a way to track the elections.

In his most recent campaign, Kennedy promised that if reelected, he would oppose policies that would increase inflation, along with making an effort to end trade deals that he believes would harm American workers.

His campaign also prioritized strengthening the Mexico border and wants to increase the funding of laws enforcement agencies in relation to immigration issues.

Above all, Kennedy plans to put Louisiana as his first priority in regards to natural disasters. In the past, he has secured over $20 billion in flood relief and plans to support bills to keep disaster insurance low.

Kennedy was one of many Republicans to be elected to senate last night, the Republican and Democratic Parties are in close contention to gain majority in the senate, as the remaining seats have yet to be called.

The House of Representatives has 56 seats left to be called, the Republican party currently holds the majority with 203 seats to the Democratic Party's 176.