Barbados native, John Alleyne, cultivates visual art pieces through unique brush strokes and informative power points.

Alleyne utilizes his knowledge of the arts to educate the next generation of students by following in family footsteps.

“It’s really all my life that’s really all I know is school," Alleyne said. "Both of my parents are teachers or were teachers.”

After closing the grade books, Alleyne continues to create his visual art pieces drawing from inspiration found from walking through cities experiencing different surfaces.

His mind starts as blank as his individual canvases when creating color, lines and patterns to come as they may and find their true purpose altogether in his collages.

Although his mind has focus when creating a solid foundation for his students.

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“I’m interested in creating change," Alleyne states. "I’m interested in creating a community that is interested in the advancement of self, the advancement of visual art and then representation and expression.”

Alleyne wants to create change for the advancement of the Southern University Art Program through brining back certain courses as well as on-campus art society.

As graffiti art leaves a tag on surface, Alleyne will continue striving to leave his tag on his artwork and improvement of the art community.

Alleyne is in the process of drafting a petition to create the art society to listen and rectify the concerns of Southern University students and faculty.