As national elections creep into their final days, another election season kicks off--LSU Student Government. 

Several candidates are already looking to strengthen their campaigns by forming of election tickets. These tickets are targeted at likeminded students interested in similar promising initiatives for campus. Ticket members have taken to social media to promote their agendas through stories and posts.

Campaign tickets like It’s Time 2021, Unity, and SPARC are already racking up followers on Instagram to promote their policies and spread information regarding their respective campaigns.

The tickets are using interest meetings as a form of proactive student outreach. The Bowman-Milligan ticket interest event in Coates Hall last Thursday reflected the importance of an informed student body and showcased LSU students' eagerness to make a bettering impact on campus.  

Throughout the event, members of the ticket stressed to an attentive crowd the vitality of being engaged with student body politics and expressed their plans for the future if elected.

Javin Bowman, the ticket’s Student Body Presidential candidate, conveyed how students, whether closely associated with SG or not, benefit from these events.  

“It’s very important for, you know, non SG members," Bowman said. "I say the regular everyday student to come to these events because they get to see what the candidate’s about, what the ticket is about, what student government does..."

Multiple tickets are advertising their new interest events. Students looking to be more involved should reach out to student government affiliates for information on campaigning and the upcoming election.

Reach out to these tickets on Instagram:

It's Time Ticket @its.time.21

Unity Ticket @meselhewhite

SPARC Ticket @sparc_lsu

BowmanMilligan Ticket @BowmanMilligan2021_