With the announcement of changes to the LSU spring schedule, there’s growing concern for students’ mental health for this semester and for the following spring.

LSU will reduce the Mardi Gras and Spring Break holidays to one day each, and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday will remain one day. Two new, one-day breaks, a Mid-Semester Break and March Break will also take place in the spring.

LSU student Rachel Barnett feels like having one day off at a time isn’t enough. Another student, Alexis Lafleur, worries that the shorter breaks will affect the quality of her work, specifically her architecture studio projects.

“It gives us a little bit of reprieve to catch up,” Lafleur said about having a longer break.

While physical health has been an important conversation this semester, Crystal Loup, a wellness coordinator for the Student Health Center, understands why breaks are important to students’ mental health.

“School has become so remote and virtual,” Loup said. “I think that students can start to feel like they’re doing schoolwork all of the time.” 

Loup’s advice for staying on-track academically without getting overwhelmed is for students to keep track of how much time they have and how they choose to spend it. She suggests that students go through their syllabi and make a schedule with assignments’ due dates.

“This really helps people differentiate time that’s going to be focused on schoolwork and then time that can be free time or relaxation time or social time,” Loup said.

The LSU Student Health Center offers a variety of mental health resources and programs. For more information, click here.