A long-debated topic, students seem to complain more every year that they are not able to get from one class to another within 10 minutes or less.

With such an outcry, many wonder if there will be a solution to the problem relatively soon. As some debate whether or not they should show up to class late and disturb others or skip it all together because of their walking distance, the issue calls into question what type of an impact this is having on students' academics.

Third-year student at LSU, Rachel Martin, says that one class she consistently was not able to make it on time for, and it made her feel somewhat cheated. Martin says, "I thought that, you know, the math class basically functioned like an online course anyway, so I just never went to my math class on Fridays because I had to get my economics class. And, honestly, it’s kind of terrible that I had to make that decision, for which of my classes that I cared more about." 

Students tend to find the problem either affects them early on or later in their studies. Regardless, there are professors, such as Professor Roxanne Dill, that are aware of the issue and take it into account.

However, many students insist their teachers do not care about this, wanting their class to remain a top priority. A great walking distance puts students not only a tough situation in terms of being on time, but it can be detrimental to a student's standing with their professor as well.