If Iowa is on your bucket list of places to go, then the Manship School has the opportunity for you.  Professor Bob Mann explains a political experience that could make your dream a reality.

The Iowa-based movie Field of Dreams puts it perfectly for political connoisseurs: 

“Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.”

Iowa is a state known for its vast cornfields of dreams and is also known for its political influence.  The Iowa Caucus is the first time candidates from both parties come together in a state and choose nominees for the presidential election.

“There’s a saying that there are three tickets out of Iowa, which means that there are probably a dozen people who will be running for President when the Iowa caucuses happen who won’t be running for president the week after that because their campaigns are over when they don’t make it in the top three of Iowa,” Professor Bob Mann said.

The Manship School of Mass Communication is offering students an opportunity to experience presidential campaigning through the Iowa of the Tiger Program.  The program is a 10-day event where students can get an up close look a presidential politics in the making. 

“If you care about politics, if you want to work in politics, if you want to cover politics as a journalist, I think it’s always good to see what you’re getting potentially getting into,” Mann said.

Third-year political communication student Corinne Chandler has been looking forward to this opportunity since she first toured Manship.

“It means getting to fulfill something that brought me here,” Chandler said.  “Even if I don’t want to end up in politics, it’s like doing it for high school me.  The one that was so gung-ho about all the opportunities Manship gives you.”

Professor Mann himself makes Chandler even more excited about attending the trip.

“As soon as Bob told us he was the one taking us, I knew I had to go because he’s such an incredible mentor and teacher,” Chandler said.

While he has his picks for the top three out of Iowa, Professor Mann said it is still too early to determine the major candidates.

“I think it’s going to be Biden and Elizabeth Warren and maybe Bernie Sanders, but who knows,” Mann said. “There’s always a surprise, and that’s part of the fun of going is trying to figure out who’s the surprise fourth place or third place finisher.”

Professor Mann said students can expect to meet with candidates in coffee shops, library meeting rooms or high school gyms.  Each day is different, but each day is history in the making.

“What’s the line from Hamilton,” Mann said. “You’re in the room where it happened?”

Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced today he will be taking a break from the campaign trail following an artery blockage.  Be one of 24 students securing a ticket to Iowa to see how this could affect his rankings in the polls.