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If you need to report an incident of sexual misconduct, you can do so here.

The recommendations of the Husch Blackwell report have prompted not only improvements of current Title IX infrastructure, but completely new initiatives as well. The new Office of Civil Rights and Title IX was announced last month, and it now has a permanent home.

“The office is now in Himes Hall, which is in the quad but not so centrally located and visible that a survivor would be inhibited to go to the office because of how public it was,” said Interim President Tom Galligan. 

Another major change is the official mandate that faculty and staff must report sexual misconduct to the Title IX Office. This rule wasn't explicitly enforced before, which is what lead to LSU officials Miriam Segar and Verge Ausberry keeping their jobs. 

“We’ve emphasized to everyone on campus that unless you are a confidential advisor; you are a responsible person that needs to report any incident that may be a Title IX violation to the Title IX coordinator,” Galligan said.

“We’ve done that in unequivocal, clear language and we will continue to do that over and over again," he continued.

Galligan also said LSU has had to work around state laws to improve Title IX processes on campus.

“Because of a peculiar Louisiana stature, previously if a survivor went to the police the police would not tell Title IX about it unless the survivor signed a waiver,” Galligan said. “What we’ve said to the police is don’t worry about that law, while you investigate you must report to the Title IX coordinators.”

Galligan wants victims to know they have a voice in these changes are welcome to reach out to him. 

“I’d be very happy to meet with them and express my apology to them face to face and discuss with them ways they think we could have a better tomorrow,” he said. 

If you need to report an incident of sexual misconduct, you can do so here.