BATON ROUGE - One of LSU's most iconic buildings is getting a major face-lift as LSU has begun the process of restoring Memorial Tower.

Crews have already began gutting the inside of memorial tower, as scaffolding is built around the exterior..the entire building will be pressure washed and painted from top to bottom, as crews work to fix cracks on the outside walls.

All the widows will also be replaced, in the process of waterproofing the tower - to prevent future damage.

Inside, there will be a complete remodeling - the tower will eventually serve as a military museum, honoring all LSU students that have served our country.

The total cost of the project is around 6.8 million dollars...mostly funded by private donations and state funds...students can expect those fences that are up around the tower to stay there for the foreseeable future...the project is expected to be complete by fall of 2020.