Recently, the LSU community has been buzzing about racial scandals that some minority groups have dealt with since the start of their time here at LSU.

LSU is home to students of many different races, cultures, ethnicities and genders. Luckily, the university offers many outlets for students of minority groups to get involved.

Organizations such as the NAACP, LGBTQIA+, Asian American Ambassadors, Qroma and more serve as outlets for students to feel included at LSU and find others who they can relate with.

The president of LSU's NAACP chapter, Jaylon Wingfield, discussed how getting involved has helped him feel less of a minority.

"I think being involved at LSU has helped me evolve basically through the people and I would say that because each organization, each faculty member, each class is something different. You're not going to be expecting the same thing," Wingfield said. "So I think once you're in an environment with so many people, you kind of build off of that, and it helps you become the best you, you can be."

The Communications Director of LSU's NAACP chapter, Mya Ashlan Lloyd, shared what being apart of the NAACP chapter has taught her.

"I think it's important for, you know, parents, and others to instill into those of color that your skin color is not a disadvantage," Lloyd said.

Students of minority groups have taken leadership roles and have established their purpose on this campus. Faculty, such as, Dr. Derek Rovaris, Chief Diversity Officer, has also made efforts to promote inclusivity of diverse students on campus.

"Our program is not just for students of color. It's not for just under represented students. It's not just for students in certain identity groups. It's for everyone," Rovaris said. "If you've got two people who look like you, worship like you, love like you; we can find an organization on this campus that would meet your needs, and if it doesn't exist, we'll go ahead and make it for you."

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