Since 1920, American Football has grown to become one of the most captivating sports in the world.

With about 10 million viewers on college gamedays and over 16.9 million viewers during NFL games this year, fans are keeping their eyes on the sport.

While having multiple attractions within it such as amazing athletes, dramatic finishes and big games like the SuperBowl, there is something in it for everybody.

With physicality being one of those things, LSU Athletics communications staff member Cody Worsham spoke on how they keep the sport fun and safe.

“Shelly Mullinax is our Senior Associate Athletic Director for Health and Wellness," Worsham said. "She does a fantastic job in sort of leading the implementation of that across our entire athletic department.”

In celebration of National Football Day, LSU Football will travel to Tuscaloosa to play against the Alabama Crimson Tide at 6 p.m on Saturday.