For many students who frequent the LSU lakes, the friendly ducks are the animals that greet us, but in recent days ducks aren't the only birds hanging around the lakes.

Starting Sunday hundreds of Great Egrets showed up on the lake behind LSU dorms, Miller and Herget Hall. In the morning the egrets swim, rest and eat, then leave mid afternoon.

Before Sunday, this lake was home to few egrets, but as Dr. Phil Stouffer, a professor of renewable natural resources, said there has been a drastic increase of food source for the Great Egrets drawing them to this location.

"Well a lot of these bird will roost communally, so they'll find some place that for whatever reason they like and there will be maybe hundreds that will roost together," Stouffer said. "So they usually have district place where they forage and spend the day and district places where they roost in the evening and so probably once they're done foraging they commute somewhere to a roost sight."

 Professors aren’t sure when these birds will leave, but residents living around the area sure are happy at the new scenery.