Corporate America is taking a stand in regards to gun control. Within the last few  years, companies like Dick's Sporting Goods are reevaluating the sales of guns in their stores after mass shootings across the country that have killed dozens.

They began with the withdraw of assault rifles in all stores after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2017.

Following this, they began to cause uproar by replacing hunting gear with apparel and merchandise from local sports teams.

This resulted in many angry customers, but the company is not apologizing.

Gun control was a topic of discussion in the recent Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate. 

All three candidates stood by the second amendment and believe that gun control is not an issue, but the well being of people is the possible issue. 

They all agree that the right to bear arms should be protected in Sportsman's Paradise, even in the rise of mass shooting in our country.

These issues will be in voters' minds as they head to the polls this weekend for the Gubernatorial election.

With a sold out SEC home game, ESPN's College Game Day appearance and homecoming week festivities, some LSU students may put voting on the back burner.

However, students are still encouraged to make it to the polls and vote for state-wide and local offices.

The polls will be open from 7am until 8pm on Saturday October 12th.