See how SG is making an impact on student organizations.

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LSU Student Government's goals have been explicitly stated as identifying and supporting student interests, and their yearly budget helps make those goals a reality. 

Student Government has spent the start of the semester handling budget appropriations for the academic year.

Relying heavily on a $2.20 fee for students, SG can predict its estimated revenue based on early enrollment numbers. Data indicates around $122,000 for various operational, administrative and student impact funds. 

Student Government Chief of Policy Devin Scott says it’s important to be transparent when utilizing these resources. 

“We try to be as transparent as possible,” Scott began. “We like to have an open door policy for students to come to us with what they need so that we don’t make false assumptions or act biased towards who we give money organization wise. We also utilize our departments for outreach.”

SG also has the means to fund other organizations in need through its Programming, Support & Initiatives Fee and organizations relief fund. 

Shashank Muley is president of the International Student Association, an organization that recently received SG support to buy more flags through a finance bill.

Muley says SG outreach is a vital step to aid more organizations.

"This money is paid by students to fund events put on by student organizations," Muley said. "It is very vital to outreach based on the founding fact that PSFI and ORF is there to support them, and SG is doing a wonderful job in that domain."

For organizations unsure about the process for funding, Policy Chair Scott pointed to “trust” in student government. 

"That's how government works, like when we pay taxes outside of school," Scott said. "That is how we provide for the public goods that we have.

Scott also referenced the irony of paying for your own needs. 

"I understand that the paradox is frustrating, but its are job as student leaders to find ways around that paradox to lessen stress on the students," Scott said. "The best thing for them to do is to trust us and know that we are working on solutions." 

Students interested finding out how they can receive aid from student government can find their representatives' information here