Among all of the businesses, clubs and controversial activists in Free Speech Alley sits a quiet, peaceful man named Ivan Imes. You may see him there every afternoon.

Imes has been coming to Free Speech Alley for 12 years, answering questions, offering up prayer requests and providing guidance and clarity to LSU students.

Imes discussed his method as "ask, seek, knock," paralleling to scripture teachings. He strives to answer the questions people come to him with, focus on what their real need is and help them with clarity.

"I find that communications is the biggest assistance, in general, with building their confidence, their faith, their identity as a person, their security, knowing who they are and who they are called to be and what their purpose in life is." Imes said.

Born in Nebraska and growing up in Kentucky, Imes moved to the South when he became a Chemical Engineer and opened up an engineering business. He became a Christian when he was 52 and regretted not raising his three sons as Christians.

He describes his mission as being lead by Jesus to make up for not raising his children as Christians by speaking to 30,000 young people at LSU and talking to the students about Jesus. This is how he coined the phrase, "Jesus Talk."

Mr. Ivan has training in addiction recovery and deliverance ministry. He says he has seen many lives change and people being set free.

He spends his retirement in Free Speech Alley when the weather is good and waits quietly to be the shepherd and "a resource" to any student who needs it.