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LSU had to make accommodations for their students because of the hybrid learning model--the biggest of those changes being online classes.

One of those accommodations are the quiet zones.

The quiet zones consist of 13 different locations across LSU's campus that allows students to jump into their online lectures in a silent setting.

Each room comes with a hand sanitizer station and a box of wipes to maintain a Covid-19 free environment.

LSU chemistry sophomore Joshua Bright thoroughly enjoys having a place to be less distracted while paying attention to his professors. His favorite aspect is that the rooms are never at full capacity, ensuring a distraction-free environment.

 "Because barely anyone goes there, it’s really nice to actually get things done. Especially when you have an online class,” he said.

LSU English professor Simone Banks also appreciates the quiet zones because they ensure more students stay focused, as opposed to the students being overly comfortable in their own home.

She also wishes LSU notified her and other professors of these locations so she could spread this information to students who may need these rooms.

Banks says, “Just being in a place where people are walking behind them, it’s just a lot to hear. So if I had like a list of the quiet rooms and I could spread it around to all my students I would do that.”

Although there are signs at each room reminding students to mask up, Bright notes he sometimes sees students without mask.

“A lot of people once they sit down, they’ll take their mask off for the rest of the time in there," Bright says. "Sometimes that makes me a little uncomfortable.”

Bright also says that there is never anyone monitoring the rooms to ensure students are following mask protocol. He believes monitors should be implemented in order to uphold the agreement LSU students made prior to returning to campus.

“The agreement we all made when we filled out those questionnaires at the beginning of the semester was if we are going to be on campus we have to wear masks," he says. "There should be someone in there enforcing students to wear them.”

Despite the pros and cons, both students and professors believe these rooms beneficial for everyone.

“I think these are very necessary because sometimes you can’t study in your room, and if you have roommates, you can’t study in the living room. So you need somewhere that’s quiet and secluded,” Bright says.

All 13 of the quiet zones are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.

The zones are named in the chart below:

Allen 131 Coates 234 Electrical Engineering 145 Tureaud 215 Williams 210 
 Coates 130 2nd and 4th study carrels and room 232 in LSU LibraryStudent Union Union Evangeline Barnes & Noble