Flooding is no stranger to Baton Rouge, so LSU students should be prepared to take precautions against flooding, especially during hurricane season.

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With the peak of hurricane season right around the corner, LSU students should be prepared for potential flooding.

Every year, Baton Rouge alone averages 62 inches of rain.

While some students have experienced flooding before, many are new to the dangerous conditions.

Avoiding flooded roads, filling bottles with clean water and having a full tank of gas can help you prepare for floods. 

LSU sophomore Adele Jacobsen says her family prepares for flooding by making sure her household is stocked with essentials.

"To prepare, my family and I usually make sure we stock up on things like food, gas, water and other emergency items," Jacobsen said.

While most students did not experience flooding near campus, it is important to be prepared for future storms. To learn more about how to take the proper precautions for flooding, visit redcross.org.