The latest stimulus check has begun rolling out to citizens across the nation. With this addition to their bank accounts, see how LSU students are planning to put them to use.

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Many LSU students received the latest stimulus check, but how exactly are they spending it? From planning trips to iced out drips, the "stimmy" has got these students covered. 

Did you receive the stimulus check?

"Yes, I've gotten all of them actually." - Emily Watson, Freshman

"My parents still claim me, so no money for me." - Mikey Schiazza, Sophomore

What did you spend your money on?

"Well I guess I haven't spent it yet, but it's going to be going towards rent in the summer." - Thomas Jackson, Senior

"School. I've been saving it and it's been helping me do [...] all the stuff I need for school and the books and everything like that." - Emily Watson, Freshman

"I didn't really keep it for myself. I gave it to my mom and dad." - Michael Adams, Freshman

"Honestly, most of it is for a storage unit, and honestly DoorDash because that stuff is super expensive." - Leah Hellman, Freshman

What would you have spent your money on?

"My Jeep." - Stephen Mesuch, Sophomore

"Bitcoin." - Caleb Myott, Sophomore

"Buy a kayak, so I can go kayaking this summer up in Georgia." - Parker Collins, Junior

"I probably would've bought a busted-out, iced-out chain." - Matthew Yuja, Sophomore

President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion stimulus package into law on March 11. Americans in need during the COVID-era each received $1,400. To check on the state of your stimulus check, click the IRS link provided below.