See how LSU Student Government is playing its role as voice for the student body following Hurricane Ida.

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Like many campus organizations, LSU Student Government had its semester start interrupted with the arrival of Hurricane Ida, yet it remained a proactive voice for students in the face of the storm.  

SG spent the days before reaching out to students with preparation advice along with President Javin Bowman delivering an optimistic message to the student body.

Throughout the hurricane and its aftermath, SG social accounts remained active, providing much-needed information for impacted students.

With the Student Senate set to convene this week, Senator Colin Raby says an event like this should lead SG towards important discussions on student needs.

“Certainly talking about the resources available, outreaching with students making sure that we are being a conduit and solving their problems," Raby initially explained. 

Raby expressed active considerations for reviewing Ida's impact on students and seeing how SG can bring effective change. 

"Really looking into some of the things that could have been done differently—preventive measures, the disaster days—things like that could have made the experience better for all involved, " Raby continued. 

Raby also discussed the importance of each SG branch working together to find resolve in these issues for students, acknowledging this mentality of reflection can apply in multitudes of student government endeavors. 

For any specific concerns following Hurricane Ida, you can find your SG representative’s information here.