LSU's favorite striped mascot will be celebrating his third birthday this Friday, September 13th. 

This will be his second birthday on campus since arriving here in August of 2017 as a cub with the name of Harvey. 

From the time of the original Mike the Tiger in 1936, Mike has been inspiring and motivating both students and fans for generations.  

“We used to watch him every home game and the cheerleaders would get off and bang on the cage and roar," LSU alumnus, Gordon Jenkins said.

Mike 7 is one of the most playful tigers we’ve had here at LSU. When he’s not taking cat naps in the shade, he loves interacting with crowds by pacing the sides of his enclosure and is even known to pounce on the glass that separates him from his audience. 

“We’re on of the only campuses in the nation to have a live mascot and it’s just fun to see him hang out and see what a tiger does," LSU Sophomore, Chris Booker said.

If you do go to wish Mike a Happy Birthday anytime this weekend you’re likely to see birthday cards, posters and photos placed around his enclosure from all of his adoring fans reminding us how important Mike is to the LSU community.