The majority of college students love free things, and LSU took advantage of this opportunity this spring semester.

With the results of a survey sent out to the student body at the end of the 2020 fall semester, students voiced that they are more likely to get a COVID-19 test if there were incentives. 

“We asked them what they wanted as incentives, and the major things that were coming out were the large ticket items,” said Keena Arbuthnot, Special Advisor to the President on the COVID-19 response team.

Small prizes can vary from free t-shirts to coffee coupons as an immediate incentive. However, every person who gets tested for COVID-19 on campus is also put into a biweekly raffle to win various apple devices.  

“For the student population, a lot of you are asymptomatic," Arbuthnot said. "So, you don’t have the cold and the sniffles like others may have in older groups. We have to be careful and continually test your age group to make sure if you are positive, we get you out of the larger population.” 

LSU hopes to stop the spread of COVID-19 by giving students the opportunities to win these incentives, even if they are not feeling sick. The testing centers will be at Coates hall 263, the student union and the student health center.

“The whole point is to stop the spread. So if we find out that your friend is positive, we would rather he or she go into isolation than to spread it to you and your friend group,” Arbuthnot said.  

For more information, go to the COVID-19 roadmap to spring.