Jackson, Mississippi has suffered from a lack of usable water the past few weeks. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and LSU fraternity Sigma Nu are helping in every way that they can.

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Jackson, Mississippi residents have been lacking usable water due to contaminated flood water and weak water pumps. 

It's a problem that many residents say should have been handled a long time ago. 

The water pressure has been slowly progressing but Jackson is still under a boil order, meaning they must boil their water before they can consume it. 

Louisiana organizations have been supporting our neighboring state by donating bottled water and raising money, one group being right here on LSU's campus. 

After being told that many of their members families had been affected by this crisis, fraternity Sigma Nu teamed up with sorority Chi Omega to do a water drive. 

Water bottles can be dropped off at the Sigma Nu or Chi Omega house until Sept. 17 and they are accepting money donations through Venmo @SigmaNuLSU. 

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank also recently shipped 22 palettes of water to their sister food bank in Jackson, in partnership with the Mississippi Food Network. 

"Food banks all across the country through Feeding America have been sending water to help with Jackson's current situation." CEO and President of The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Mike Manning said. 

The organization will continue to help Jackson in every way that they can.