Since March 16, every bar in Louisiana has been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes many local Baton Rouge bars such as Tigerland, The Revelry, New Orleans’ Daiquiris and Spanky’s Daiquiris.

The bar scene is a ghost town as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take the world by storm.

With bars shutting down that leaves many bartenders and business owners without a source of income.

For the staff of Spanky’s Daiquiris on Burbank, this situation was very shocking.

Spanky’s bartender and manager Nick Omafuaire said, “Of course everyone didn’t think this was going to be a prolonged period of closure. At first, we thought it was going to be like a week or two, but this is unprecedented.”

Co-owner of Spanky’s Daiquiris Brett Millet said this is a tough time for his staff and himself.

Millet said, “Obviously it’s been a mental challenge not only for myself but I’m sure for the staff as well. It’s really just the unknown that’s the troubling part.”

Despite the situation, Omafuaire has kept himself busy by using his bartending skills in his own house and uploading his practices to his Snapchat.

Omafuaire said, “Surprisingly, it’s done really well. A lot of people have been interested in that continuing. They’ve even offered to Venmo me money to continue doing that as well because they know I’m in a tough spot.”

Governor John Bel Edwards announced there were 155,000 unemployment claims in Louisiana in March.

Despite these drastic measures, both Omafuaire and Millet hope for the best outcome for when businesses reopen.

Omafuaire is sure that when bars reopen, the entire community will be more unified than ever before.

“I think that we’re going to come back from this stronger and a lot more unified as a group of people,” said Omafuaire.

While Millet is hoping for the best outcome, he remains very cautious about the future.

Millet said, “Obviously, your hope would be that things would go back to normal, but I would be surprised if it just flipped that switch, and everything did turn to normal.”

With Governor Edwards extending the stay at home order until April 30, many of these employees will continue to wait but are looking forward to their businesses reopening.