Though college aged kids are known for attending large music events, very few know what goes into planning one.  

Event planner and recent LSU graduate, Micheal Sparks knows first hand how challenging organizing an event can be. 

“The first one was at The House in Tigerland like, two and a half years ago and we only had like 15 people and it was really disorganized and you know we’ve came a long way.” said Sparks about his first music event. 

Sparks says he originally decided to throw his first event in 2017 after seeing something similar show in December of the previous year. 

“There was one in particular I went to in New Orleans like two years ago in December and I just thought, well, I can do this and I knew enough people and it just went from there,” continued Sparks. 

Though Sparks is still working on growing his following, he does have several fans who continually show up for his shows. 

“They’re usually like really fun, theres a lot of people there and its like an upbeat atmosphere and everyone just kinda like drinking and having a good time and just like hanging out and stuff,” said 5parks event follower and fourth-year LSU student, Madelyn Melancon. 

One of the reason people enjoy Sparks’ events is because of the diversity of people as well as the different style of music present. 

“You won’t be disappointed, you’ll guaranteed have fun and I promise you’re going to have something you like.” said 5parks events assistant, Ryan Smith. 

Sparks host around one event a month showcasing local rappers, singers and bands and he plans on continuing to include more genres in the future.