December is HIV awareness month and the Student Health Center is doing their best to bring awareness to the campus community.

Monday the Student Health Center was hosting free HIV testing in the Student Union to promote and bring attention to World Aids Day and the beginning of National HIV awareness month.

Baton Rouge is ranked fourth as a metropolitan area in the United States for newly diagnosed HIV cases and Louisiana is also ranked fourth. Because of this, the student health center is calling attention to the subject. 

Assistant Director of Wellness and Health Promotion Susan Bareis at the student health center encourage all students to take a few minutes out of their day to get tested.

“Like I said, we offer it at all times it’s not just today as part of a special event we did to recognize and observe World Aids Day which was yesterday December 1," Bareis said, "but students can schedule an appointment for HIV testing in the Department of Wellness and Health Promotion.” 

The Student Health Center holds free HIV testing year round. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit