LSU's Student Health Center announced that they will be giving out free flu shots to students as part of their “Flu Shots on the Geaux” campaign.

The campaign will take place at different locations around campus October 7-11 where students can receive a free flu shot in under 15 minutes. 

Rebecca Fontenot, Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, shared a few tips for students to stay as healthy as possible.

“Students can avoid close contact with others, they can cough or sneeze into a tissue, they can also have disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces frequently,” said Fontenot. “Also, they should think about some good health habits such as going to bed at a normal time, getting 8 hours of sleep, staying hydrated, being physically active and having good, nutritious meals.”

Fontenot also explained how college students are statistically known to be more susceptible to contracting the flu than other age groups.

“Students live and learn in a close proximity environment, so their chance of contracting the flu is higher in that environment, and being out sick and missing classes, assignments and tests can have a major impact on a student’s academics,” said Fontenot. 

With flu season rapidly approaching, LSU Health Center encourages all students to get vaccinated.