For students looking for an on-campus job, an RA is amongst the most popular positions. However, just like most other jobs, Covid-19 has changed what being an RA entails.

LSU Sophomore Aria Pons is amongst 11 new resident assistants in the South and West Hall community.

She took up the position in hopes to expand her work experience and grow her networking. However, she has spent most of this semester trying to slow the spread of coronavirus in her hall as opposed to doing typical duties of an RA.

On top of that, Pons noted she has struggled to make the connections she was hoping for amongst her residents.

“It’s just kind of hard to get that sense of community and get to know your residents when all you have is online interaction,” she said.

One of her biggest tasks has been making sure no outside visitors are entering her hall.

 “When we go on rounds we have to make sure that no guests are in the residence halls because as of right now we are in phase one of residence plans," Pons explains. "And so no guests are allowed from outside the community.”

As restrained as it may be, Pons still has made an effort to connect with her 26 different residents.

South Hall resident Olivia Sopps says her dorm experience so far has gone better than expected. She also mentions that Pons has done a good job of keeping outsiders from visiting.

“With COVID, I was really worried about moving in, but it’s actually been really well," Sopps says. "It’s been pretty good as far as keeping separate wise for the fact that there’s no guests, so it’s been pretty well handled."

Nevertheless, the residents and RAs alike hope for things to change soon to bring a better sense of normalcy.

“Hopefully we’re able to have in-person programs and events," says Pons. "Because I cannot connect to my residents through Zoom and GroupMe.”

Aria Pons noted that as Covid-19 cases continue to steadily rise at LSU, res-life will remain in phase one for the foreseeable future.