Azalea Hall and Camellia Hall are the two newest living spaces on LSU's campus. See how first-year students are feeling about their new homes already.

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With a new semester comes new students, new experiences and, this fall, new on-campus living spaces. 

Azalea and Camellia Halls welcomed their first residents this month, and students are already settling into what Residential Life calls “The Greenhouse District.” 

The halls feature two-person bedrooms with suite-style foyer bathrooms. Amenities available to residents include common areas, study rooms and even indoor bicycle storage.

Azalea Hall is open to all first-year students, while Camellia Hall serves as the new Engineering Residential College.

First-year students living in the new halls expressed their ease in settling into campus life and shared with Tiger TV some of their favorite parts of their new homes.

Camellia Hall resident Shedrick Marshall and Azalea Hall resident Lindsey Foles are both already enjoying the new study rooms.

“They’re really nice and open, they have a lot of natural light in them, so it makes you feel like you’re not just staring at a screen with LED lights above you,” Foles said.

Camellia Hall residents Michael King and Myles Pulley commented on the quality of their new hall.

“A bunch of people are saying it’s like an apartment, but it kind of looks like a hotel,” King said. “It’s crazy nice.”

Pulley used similar words to describe his feelings about the hall.

“I know it’s new and this is kind of biased, but it’s a pretty nice hall,” Pulley said.

Those looking for more information on these new residence halls and other on-campus housing options can visit LSU Residential Life’s website.