LSU's annual spring semester concert has been cancelled once again. Find out why, and find out what students want to see when the event returns.

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Groovin’ on the Grounds has been grounded once again. The annual spring concert hosted by Student Government was cancelled last year when students were sent home. Modified plans were put in place for this semester, those have fallen through, too.

Lil Dicky, Kesha and Kevin Gates are just a few of the artists that have performed in the PMAC for the event in the past. While it’s been a large-scale event for the past several years, many first and second year students haven’t even heard of it.

Director of Student Entertainment Dallin Broussard said his department floated around several different ways to hold an alternate version of the concert, but logistics got the best of them.

“LSU moved into Phase 3 a little later in the year and that kind of changed our planning and everything,” Broussard said.

A couple of the ideas mentioned were a fully virtual event and a hybrid concert reminiscent of Student Government and Campus Life’s drive-in movie series.

Broussard said he hopes that Groovin’ comes back as strong as it left when it eventually returns.

“Whoever does come behind me, you have a lot of--a lot of excited students who are bringing that back I’m excited. I know it’ll be big, it’ll be something grand,” he said.

Both these students and those who have experienced Groovin’ were eager to share what they hope to see, hear and experience when the concert returns.

Students who have never been to Groovin’ before, like third-year transfer student Daniel Haggerty, said that they want to see some of the same things Groovin’ used to be but also want to see a bigger off-campus draw.

“I would definitely say do, like, Kevin Gates theme or like, Lil Baby, you know, Durk--something like that, that’ll actually have a lot of people coming into town.” 

A group of LSU first-year students agreed with Haggerty in saying that Gates should return, along with Kesha.

LSU junior Richard Haydel has been to Groovin’ in the past, but he also wants the event to be something that pulls a larger audience than usual. 

“I want them to meet in the middle and make it something that everyone wants to go to. It’s just going to be the greatest thing ever and everyone is just going to have an amazing time at Groovin’... And they’re going to groove, surely.”

Second-year student Jack Hosford believes that he would be happy just to have a reason to get together on campus again post-pandemic.

“Everyone’s been home, no one’s done anything really big in general, so just the fact that it would be there would just be great on its own.” 

It sounds like students are just ready to get "groovin’" as soon as possible, and while the concert may be cancelled, that doesn’t mean Student Entertainment doesn’t have any plans for the semester.

The committee is teaming up with the Student Activity Board for an event on the Parade Ground on April 19 that’s expected to include musical entertainment.