As graduation approaches, many students look to face the real world and all of their endeavors

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With Graduation quickly approaching, students are unsure of what the future holds for them.

Many students find it difficult to land jobs after school, dealing with the stress of finding a sustainable living. It can also be difficult for students to navigate through life post graduation with these burdens at hand.

Some students believe that school has helped students utilize skills from college  and translate them into the work world.

"You’re worrying more about, you know, like bills. 'I gotta get to work, I have this to do at work' more very real life issues that need to be looked for" Graduating senior Carlos Halteh says.

"Its not like a homework assignment where i can just miss one and maybe i’ll be alright everything is basically an exam in the real world i feel like" Halteh states.

Halteh continues that the lessons he learned from college have been beneficial beyond the classroom, stating that learning people's skills furthered his abilities.