Gov. John Bel Edwards in a press conference

Governor John Bel Edwards addressed the likelihood of the worst case scenario of COVID-19 cases outpacing health care capacity in a press conference Thursday afternoon. He also asked the federal government for help with medical care.

"If we are not going to look like Italy in 10 days or two weeks, it will only be because of these mitigation measures," said Edwards.

The number of COVID-19 cases increased to 380, with 10 deaths in Louisiana ranging in 17 out of 64 parishes.

Edwards fears the number of cases over the next 10 days could overflow hospital beds and staff based on insights of experts.

In a conference call with the president and governors, Edwards asked President Trump for aid from the federal government to increase medical capacity.

He also expressed concern that Louisiana is not the only state experiencing these issues, and the resources are limited. "We have the entire country in the same footing as we are," said Edwards.

Edwards urged Louisianans to follow the mitigations in practicing social distancing and adhering to precautions to flatten the curve and reduce the spike of cases.

"It will only happen if the people in Louisiana don’t engage in these mitigation efforts," said Edwards in a stern tone.

He stated that if people comply with precautions, a need for further mitigations will not be needed.

"Everybody should conduct him or herself as they had coronavirus," said Edwards.

Louisiana continues to be among the states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita.