The Gotcha Bikes staff has been working hard to implement new methods of sanitation for the fleets so that students can feel safe while renting the bikes.

A Fleet Team employee dispenses CDC-approved disinfectant materials on each bike periodically throughout the day.

In addition, students are encouraged to wipe down the bikes and apply hand sanitizer before and after use.

Director of Operations and Safety Lawrence Underwood asks that "people take their own normal precautions. We recommend people use a hand sanitizer before they get on the bike, and then to use it again after they get off the bike. But we do sanitize them on a regular basis.”

The Gotcha Bikes staff plans to continue to adjust their procedures according to CDC guidelines.

Underwood says that the Gotcha Bikes team will “continue to monitor what the guidelines are, and we adjust our protocols according to that. We take the safety of our riders and our employees very seriously."

"As the guy in charge of safety, that’s a big deal for me," he continues. "We’re always keeping track, we’re updating continually, and we’ll just continue the process that we’ve done. It has worked very well. We’ve seen it be very successful in helping mitigate things. So we will continue to do that at present.”