The Renaissance Festival had their opening weekend in Hammond this last Saturday and Sunday, November second and third.    

Celebrating their 20th year, the Ren Fest opened with what’s known as mask weekend. Though visitors are encouraged to dress in their best renaissance costumes for the entire length of the event, directly following halloween, mask weekend was the perfect way to kick things off. 

“This is mask weekend so you’ve got people in the halloween costumes and stuff and it fits,” said Ren Fest guest, Mark Bondioli. 

The Ren Fest offers shows, games and a unique shopping experience. You might even get to discuss how good the food is with the queen herself. 

“I love you now, thank you good lady. My corset may not love you but I do.” said the Queen. 

Though Ren Fest offers something for everyone, those interested in history or theatre are usually particularly fond of the event. 

A large amount of those involved in the Ren Fest actually have a background in Theatre, including one of the jousting knights. 

“My background was in Irish boxing and outdoor theatre and classical theatre and this stupidity is just an extension of what I was already doing.” said Knight John McKeane. 

If you’re interested in attending the Renaissance Festival, look up their Facebook page or website.