Geaux Vote LSU is working especially hard this week to educate, and register students to vote on campus.

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This week is National Voter Education Week, and Geaux Vote LSU is hard at work educating students on the importance of voting, as well as registering students on campus.

Geaux Vote is a non-partisan student organization. It frequently holds voter registration drives and actively promotes changes in legislation that would improve the voting accessibility of students.

Geaux Vote LSU President Kaylee Valencia explained that the main goal of Geaux Vote is to “register students to vote, and get them civically engaged in the political process”. 

With the 2020 presidential election approaching, Kaylee discussed the importance of our nation’s youth practicing their right to vote.

“Voting is important all the time,” said Valencia, “not just this year, but every year.”

Valencia explained that historically, young people have been the least active at the polls.

“Ultimately it’s our future on the line, so it’s really important that we’re the ones showing up to the polls and making our voices heard,” she said.

The deadline to register to vote is October 13, and Geaux Vote plans to set up voter education tables around LSU's campus to register students, explain how to request an absentee ballot and help them make their voting plans.

Students can take advantage and learn more by visiting Geaux Vote’s Instagram @geauxvotelsu and using the links provided in their Instagram bio.