After a 12-year run, Nintendo is shutting down its online store, the e-shop, for its 3DS line of handhelds.

Though the systems ceased production in 2019, online services remained present but slowly removed. The e-shop is the only legal way to download digital content.

This potential loss in access to digitally exclusive content and the inability to download anything are causing Nintendo fans to dub March 27 as the "death of the 3DS."

Nintendo's slow waning support for 3DS did not come as a surprise to most. The Nintendo Switch, the successor to the 3DS, has been on sale for over half a decade.

"As much as it's time to move on, I'm definitely grateful for all the good times I've had with it," LSU student and 3DS enthusiast Jojo Dunn says. "It's my favorite console of all time."

Online multiplayer for certain games and services to the applications Pokémon Bank and Poké Transfer, which allow players to transfer their Pokémon from and to different games, will still be available after March 27. Nintendo has not announced how long this will be available.