One of Tiger TV's very own will be starring in a Fox TV hit series about a wealthy Southern family.

Tiger TV alumna Lo Graham is Young Margaret on "Filthy Rich." She thanks tax incentives for providing more production jobs in Louisiana.

"My acting career really developed in Louisiana because of our state's generous tax incentives," Graham said. "The tax credits are incentives for production companies to come to Louisiana and film and to have those tax write-offs."

Graham started at Tiger TV as a freshman. She worked as an entertainment anchor, weather anchor, and even had her own series, "Fashion Frenzy." With "Fashion Frenzy," Graham spoke with local fashion bloggers, visited boutiques and looked at trends.

"I actually started as an entertainment anchor, then there was a time where I was the weather anchor," Graham said. "I created my own series called Fashion Frenzy, and it started out on the web, and then it moved into the newsbeat segment."

Graham's work at Tiger TV prepared her for a job at E! News. While in Los Angeles, she made various connections with others in her field.

"I eventually had an opportunity to be on E! News in Los Angeles, and I felt so comfortable," Graham said. "I wasn't even nervous whenever I had that opportunity to be on camera because of my Tiger TV training, especially going live with the newscast every night."

While working at Tiger TV, Graham found her voice and more comfortability on camera.

Before Lo's acting career could take off, Louisiana reduced tax incentives from $222 million to $180 million. This reduction caused a 75% loss of jobs. 

Since 2016, tax incentives have steadied at $180 million. Despite changes, Graham continues growing as an actress. 

"So, for the role of young Margaret, I really wanted to get it right," Graham said. "I actually got to speak with Kim and hear a little bit about the character and get a little more insight so that I was able to apply that with my version of young Margaret."

Graham was honored to be able to bring a backstory to Margaret Monreaux--played by Kim Cattrall. She strives to truthfully represent a character while also putting forth her own interpretation.

Lo's fiancé, Caleb Dunlap, appreciates the dedication. He spoke highly of Lo's talent and her gift of communication.

"I mean, she spends days, weeks, however long it takes, all night," Dunlap said. "She studies her character, she knows everything about it, she goes all in with everything that she does."

Graham highlights time spent in both the Manship School and Tiger TV as worthwhile.

"For every student of the Manship School, and every Tiger TV reporter, I would say that this is the greatest experience of your college years," Graham said.