Nick Ashton is a former Tiger Band Captain. After five years in the Tiger Band he has gone on to another band with his friends, Neon Luck, whose popularity is growing.

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Nick Ashton is a former member of The Golden Band from Tigerland and is a first year LSU Law School student. He is now the drummer for a cover band called Neon Luck. 

“Growing up watching and listening to the Tiger Band was a lot of fun,” Ashton said. “Finally making it in 2017 was a dream come true.” 

Ashton put in hours of effort to be a part of the snare section and eventually become captain in his fifth year with Tiger Band. Through this he learned that success only comes through hard work and dedication. 

“You can’t just go audition and make snare drums immediately,” Ashton said. “I found that out the hard way, and I take the same approach with this band, where we know if we want to sound better and more professional it’s gonna take hours of work.”

Neon Luck was formed from a previous band that some of the members were a part of and they have been playing together for almost ten years. 

Neon Luck will be playing at Chelsea's Live on Friday Nov. 25 for Emo Night, and to see where else they are playing in the next few weeks check out their Instagram