Three of the nine Delta Kappa Epsilon members that turned themselves in Thursday have been arrested before the recent hazing charges.


One of the actives of DKE, Malcolm McNiece, was arrested on Oct. 4, 2018  for burglary. McNiece shattered a window of the victim's house, logged into the victim's computer, checked his email, googled his location, ordered an Uber to pick him up and answered the kitchen door to talk to an unknown man.


Active member, Cade Duckworth was arrested Nov. 8, 2017 for possession and intent to distribute marijuana, and Charles Brakenridge was arrested for a first-offense DWI.


These three actives, along with six others, are now being charged with criminal hazing.

According to the affidavit for arrest, active member of DKE, Malcolm McNiece, faces charges of criminal hazing and second degree battery. Victims said he poured gasoline on pledges, forced pledges to participate in a game called "slap game," in which members were forced to slap the person next to them as hard as they could.

Brakenridge was present during the initiation nights which consisted of a "new boy shower," when pledges had to hold a milk crate filled with ice and Tony Chachere over their head looking up.

Duckworth was also present during the iniatiations and also forced a pledge to rest his forearms and shins on the supports of the stool.

As of Thursday afternoon, seven of the active members were booked.

The fraternity was recently shut down in mid January by DKE nationals.

This is a developing story that we will update over time.