Joe Burrow showed more than just his potential Heisman skills at the Mississippi State game this past weekend.

Mississippi State's Chauncey Rivers sacked Burrow and his pants, exposing his back-side to every viewer.

CBS replayed the incident three times, which has many wondering whether CBS should issue an apology to Burrow for replaying it from different angles. 

An op-ed in The Advocate questioned whether CBS would have shown replays of a female athlete in the same situation.

However, Burrow took the situation lightly in the press conference following the game.

"I can honestly say that has never happened before in my life," Burrow said.  "I hope it doesn't happen again.  Yeah, I felt it coming out... I felt it.  I heard there was supposed to be a full moon tonight here in Starkville.  I don't know. I guess we'll have to see."

As of this time, CBS Sports has not issued an apology.

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