Every year over sevent million pets are put into animal shelters across the nation.

Of those seven millions under three million of them are adopted. 

People like Anna Cole, Manager of Friends of the Animals Adoption House in Baton Rouge are tirelessly working to change that.

“It’s a lot of dealing with the public and it’s not as much dogs as I thought so any time I take a dog out for someone I get my snuggles in as quick as I can” says Cole. 

Cole says she can’t do it alone. The dog adoption house relies heavily on volunteers and she encourages anyone who can to help out. 

“You can do our laundry, we don’t have a washer and dryer so we would love help with laundry, we always need supplies like Clorox wipes, paper towels, puppy pads that sort of thing and we always need donations,” says Cole. 

Pups aren’t the only four legged animals effected by low adoption rates. Our feline friends, like Binx, need our help as well. 

“I’ve always wanted a cat and so I thought I might as well just go save one that went through so much trauma with the flood,” says pet adopter Keelee Setty. 

Keelee Set adopted her cat Binx in 2016 after the Louisiana flood that left many people and pets homeless. 

“I feel like every animal deserves a home so you might as well just get one thats less fortunate instead of one thats already had everything,” says Setty. 

In the future cat and dog people alike will have to work with the shelters. More adoptions and less shopping will lead to a better life for everyone involved.