Now that thanksgiving has official come to an end, you can expect to start seeing Christmas decorations all over town, even in one place you might not expect, the Baton Rouge Zoo. 

Celebrating their annual Zoolights event, the Baton Rouge Zoo offers a fun and original way to get into the holiday spirit with some of your favorite exotic friends. 

“Well when I walked around the zoo I saw two kissing parrots and that made me laugh,” said seven-year-old Zoolights guest Peyton Mullings.

Zoolights is a mile long trail through the live animal exhibits that features numerous animal structures made of lights. If you choose to visit on the weekend then you’ll have the opportunity to participate several family friendly activities as well. 

Zoolights is also a great way to give back to your community. 

“Our partnership with the Baton Rouge food bank came about last year. We saw a need and a logical reason to have a partnership so this is the second year we’ve worked with them,” said the marketing director of the Baton Rouge Zoo, Robyn Lott, during a phone interview. 

The zoo offers a 50 percent off discount when non perishable food items are presented at the time of ticket purchase. The Zoo then donates the can goods to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to help families in need this holiday season. 

If you want experience the Zoolights the Baton Rouge Zoo will be open every day for 5:30-8pm until Christmas Eve.