Though many students are wrapped up in their classes now that they’re a few weeks into the fall semester, their still finding time to try the most recent addition to the restaurants that surround campus 

Fat Boy’s Pizza, which first opened in Metairie, is now in Baton Rouge. And though some were surprised to see a restaurant opening in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, there are students, like junior Kalie Gonzales, that are grateful to have a new spot.

“I think that it’s going to be super fun, I mean Torchy’s just opened and they’ve been waiting to open forever,” Gonzales said.

“So, having another thing to looks forward to is going to be really great," she continued. "Plus, they used to be a food truck, and I don’t know if they’re even open right now, like food trucks in general, so it’s going to be really nice for people to have something positive to do”

Fat Boy’s Pizza is known for their incredibly large slices, which have proved to be popular among their customers. The slices have been a hit since the Baton Rouge location opened on September 3.

Some may wonder if opening a business during an economic downturn is wise, but Nicholson Gateway resident Madi Miller said that she is not concerned for this new restaurant across the street from her apartment.

“Being that it’s a pizza place, I feel like college students are going to consume their products, because it’s kind of like... that fast food type of food is what a lot of people go for when it’s on the go, and we don’t have much time,” Miller said.

Owner Gabe Corchiani said that they have been blessed and have started with a boom despite the challanges that come with operating a restaurant during due the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You know, I think with pizza, also, people feel more comfortable and safe,” Corchiani said.

“There’s a hot, you know, pie coming out the oven and going into a box for take-out," he furthered. "And then we’ve established our self, you know, not just with Metairie but now with the LSU location that we take, you know, pride in being very, you know, conscious of COVID.”