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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding online fashion retailer Fashion Nova responsible for illegal business practices.

Fashion Nova is a top online shopping retailer for many to shop celebrity sponsored outfits.

Fashion Nova did not offer refunds to customers for items that were not shipped, but instead, they offered store credit.

Fashion Nova also did not inform any customer of shipping delays or offer the option to cancel, once the delay was noticed.

The FTC does not consider store credit as a refund and has forced Fashion Nova to issue $9.3 million in refunds.

The FTC will return $7.04 million of the money, and Fashion Nova is responsible for returning the remaining $2.26 million.

Those who have received gift cards and have not spent them will receive a refund directly from Fashion Nova.

The remaining half will be disturbed by the FTC, in which they will reach out directly to customers affected.