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     Update: the Journalism Building is safe to use, according to a Manship professor, and classes will resume in the building. 

     Students had to evacuate LSU's Journalism building Tuesday after an electrical fire filled the halls and classrooms with smoke.  

     Students, and their professor, complained about a "firework smell" that began in the middle of class. 

     Lauren Madden, a Manship student in the building at the time, said they just assumed the air conditioning went off. 

    "You hear this big boom and a bunch of thuds...and the air stops," she said. "I wanna say like five minutes later, the fume smell got so much stronger. Some classmates started walking off. And that's when the fire alarm went off." 

    With the alarm, came firefighters and LSU's facility services. 

     The Manship School of Mass Communication tweeted later that there was a "small electrical fire" in the elevator control room in the Journalism Building. 

     They cancelled classes in the building for the day and advised students to look out for emails from their instructors.