Kristy Hebert spends a few days a week at the UREC on LSU's campus working out and running, an activity she has not done since her freshman year of college. 

“Back in 2012, I had the unfortunate experience of getting run over by a drunk driver here on Nicholson Drive,” Hebert said.

The driver ran over her a total of seven times, shattering her pelvis. The accident forced her to leave LSU for two semesters. 

“I ended up in the Baton Rouge Rehabilitation Hospital where I had to completely relearn how to walk due to my pelvis being shattered.”

Hebert said prior to the accident she never even took Advil, so she wanted to find an alternative and holistic medicine for inflammation and pain management. 

"I started to do my research in the hospital, and I came upon CBD. And that’s exactly how I got started using it for both my physical and mental recovery.”

Hemp is a cannabis plant that contains less than .3 percent THC. Cannabidiol is the most dominant cannabinoid in hemp that regulates homeostasis of the mind and body. It helps with conditions ranging from acne, stress, anxiety, and overall pain. 

Hebert wanted to share the nonaddictive plant based medicine with the public. This inspired her to begin the company Cypress Hemp with partner Blake Bilger. 

“We formed the company in November of 2017, and then we spent about ten months working on product formulation, working with focus groups to try different formulations for the essential oils,” Bilger said.

In September of 2018, the pair began selling the products at Baton Rouge businesses such as Yoga Bliss. 

Hebert uses various products daily and even indulges in a smoothie that contains Cypress Hemp oils. The pair ultimately have a goal to get more people familiar with hemp products.

“Our goal is to potentially grow and process hemp within Louisiana because this is agriculture, and our farmers should absolutely have access to it,” Hebert said.

Because of her strength and use of CBD in recovery, Hebert can successfully walk out of the UREC after a workout: an accomplishment she did not know she would be able to do just seven years ago.

It is legal to purchase Cypress Hemp’s products in all 50 states. To learn more about the benefits of CBD and hemp or to try out the products visit Cypress Hemp’s website.