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While LSU welcomes thousands of new students every year, there is one face all tigers will see around campus this fall; the new president, Dr. William Tate.

"We [LSU] have some opportunities to help folks," Tate said. " I think, from my perspective, should be an engine for helping each and every parish be better."

Dr. Tate began his tenure on Tuesday, July 6 after receiving his tiger card in the student union and meeting with several LSU organizations.

The new president comes in at a pivotal time for LSU, as the university now faces the opportunity to resume normal campus life this fall.

With a background in epidemiology, Tate urges students to get vaccinated upon returning to campus.

" We need the students who are coming back to get vaccinated," Tate explains. " This is a scientific matter. It's a matter of science."

Tate sat down with Tiger TV to discuss his plan to earn the trust of students, particularly in regards to the recent Title IX cases occurring on campus.

Tate says, " We want to prevent sexual assault. How do we prevent it? We've got to work on programs that are based upon the research literature. And, unfortunately, if it happens we have to have an approach that's an appropriate intervention."

He also touched on a personal topic of connectivity between students and academics in reference to the new African and African American Studies Program.

Being a former professor in African American studies, the new president thinks it's vital for more young students to get educated on these topics.

"We've got to come together and figure out, 'what do we want to be known for' or 'what do we want to be great at'," Tate states. " I firmly believe understanding the history of our country is very important."

While expectations are high amongst students, faculty and staff; the new president is grateful for the opportunity he and his family have ahead of them.

"We share faith that part of our journey was brought with much prayer and our collective agreement is ultimately what brought us here," Tate says.

For the future of the university, Dr. Tate anticipates on bringing LSU and it's student body to the top of the SEC.

"We can do this together, let's do this together."