Maintaining an online presence is essential in today's time, although staying safe online is even more important. Online hackers are now using a technique known as "phishing" to steal users' personal information. Staying alert online can protect you from these online imposters.

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Having an online presence is essential in today's COVID-forced, virtual world.  It's just as important to check for safety online as you would in person.

From checking your emails to replying to direct messages, these normal everyday tasks can be compromised from online hackers. Online hackers use the technique of "phishing" to illegally gain personal information through online mediums. 

Phishing allows these hackers to pose as fake accounts or messages in order to steal sensitive information. Checking where unfamiliar emails or website ULRs can help you stay alert in identifying these fake mediums.

LSU Director of IT Security and Policy Sumit Jain explained way to be aware of phishing.

"Even before you click on any link within an email that you receive, you have to be aware of where the email is coming from," he said. "So don't just look as the display name of an email look at the actual email address, you need to look at the URL." 

When falling victim to phishing the best response it to change your passwords. It is best to keep a different password for every login that you have in order for better security. Also, contact your bank or other offices based on the personal information you have linked to your accounts. 

Reporting these accounts to LSU's security team can also help in removing them completely.

If something seems "phisy," the team will help you take appropriate steps.