Nine fraternity members of Delta Kappa Epsilon were arrested on Valentines day.

These charges include multiple counts of criminal hazing, felony, battery and felony false imprisonment. 

One student, who asked to remain anonymous, says she's not even surprised considering this fraternity is well known around campus for their derogatory banners.

DKE offensive banners

Vulgar, racist and out right offensive, these banners have in fact received national attention for years. Now the scandal is revolving around something much worse, hazing.

According to East Baton Rouge Parish court documents, pledges were forced to lawny face down on broken glass, urinated on, and sprayed with a hose. This is just one incident of many recorded. 

While the LSU Greek life office cannot make an individual statement, Jason Droddy, Interim Vice President of strategic communications for LSU quotes "this type of behavior is unacceptable and at complete offs with what we expect from our students. It does not belong at LSU". 

DKE statements

In an exclusive statement made to Tiger TV, Michael Peters, Chairman of DKE International states, "when an allegation of violations to these policies was brought to our attention by an alumnus we immediately started an investigation. We also informed our local alumni association and the university, in addiction to complying with these requirements of the Max Gruver Law, a law we fully support". 

As this story will continue to develop, Tiger TV is here to give you an on campus source into the steps ahead.