It’s not often journalists need to calculate the changes in supply and demand on the job.

Thousands of LSU Manship students have graduated with economics 2030 and accounting 2000 on their transcript, but students do not need these classes anymore.

To many students’ surprise, the two classes were removed from the required course list and replaced with an additional mass communication and social science elective.

There will soon be campus-wide change as the university proceeds with creating a new curriculum.

LSU is in phase two of implementing the Integrative Learning Core.

The ILC requires students to take 39 hours of a variety of courses that will make them proficient in skills like problem-solving and written communication.

While LSU is still in the process of implementing its changes, the Manship school began its new curriculum in the fall of 2019.

Undergraduate Dean Josh Grimm says he hopes it will give students more time to take classes that they are interested in.

Grimm says, “Just making sure they have options to take a wider range of classes that um so they have that much more freedom and kind of framing or I should say I guess so they have that much more freedom in how they shape their degree to what they ultimately want to do in the long term.”

LSU is currently working on getting courses approved for the fall 2020 semester. The ILC curriculum is expected to be fully implemented by August 2022.

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